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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Going into college for Software Engineering.

My goal is to try to learn and experience as many digital art mediums as I can. I can't say I'm a true professional at anything, except that I'm really good at making extremely unique weapons in the Flash app Pimp My Gun - especially the old version. If you don't believe me, check my gallery. I know from a first glance this seems dumb, but you have to see it to believe it.

Speaks Russian and English only. Contact me at or via note if you want to request. I'm willing to talk about commissions as well, but seriously, I'm not going to accept it if it's a pure recreation of something or I just don't feel like making it - this is a hobby, not a profession for me.

Also, my gallery is kinda fucked up chronologically. Still, take a look.


I have decided to open commissions for the first time. Commissions will be done using vector in Photoshop. This means I'm not going to do any PMG, modeling, or digital painting for commissions if anyone is actually interested. However, you can, of course, request anything.

I have practically no vector examples in my gallery, but if you want to know what sort of style it'll be made in, check out the one I made recently as well as my PMG 0.7 stuff since it's pretty close.


Send me a note with the following for me to consider your commission request. I'm not going to turn it down if it's wrong or you don't fill everything out, but if I'm interested in taking it I'll ask you to complete or fix it. Don't be disheartened if I don't reply for a while, I am busy.

  • Style

First of all, choose a style:

Lineart from $20

Just lines and text if you want it.

UDAP Lineart by prokhorvlg Mosquito SMG MK22 (Lineart Example) by prokhorvlg

Simple Color from $40

While I don't have any examples of this since I choose to use Full Shading for my own work, I'll explain what this is.
Simple Color is a midway between Lineart and Full Shading. Essentially, the weapon is colored, but without as many gradients, details and shadows as Full Shading.

Full Shading from $60

Detail, color, shading.

Distant System // UDAP Gauss Hybrid by prokhorvlgOtan-Shibo Unlimited // Mosquito SMG by prokhorvlg

I know that this is a very limited selection of examples, but there will be more up soon.

Textures might not be an option, since the ones I use are not mine and I won't use those for commissions. If it's simple enough though, I can probably make it myself.

These are just rough outlines to give an idea of the cost, and you can elaborate on any specifics that you want.

  • Weapon

A heavy assault rifle which will be used by a combat mech? A light suppressed handgun found in the hands of an assassin? A sabot missile launcher used to penetrate the chassis of an armored robotic beast... I'm going off track a bit here, but you get the idea. Cost will depend on what you want. More complicated weapons will be more expensive. To clarify, weapons that require more effort will cost more, so a machinegun will be more expensive than a handgun.

  • Detail

Detail includes anything you need me to consider while I build, on top of what you want. You could either let me go completely free with your weapon, or you could tell me to trace a sketch of yours, include an optic, make it have 3 barrels, pretty much anything (try not to give me anything too outlandish. I know where I'm good, and if you ask for an alien weapon, neither of us know what exactly we'll be getting.) Of course, depending on how much or what you ask, the cost will change.

  • Purpose

I mean, no need to be specific here if you don't want to. But I want to know if you're going to be using this in a role-playing forum to flesh out your character, or if you're planning to put it in your video game, or using it to describe a weapon in your novel, or whatever it is.

  • Background

I guess this means lore, background info. Maybe the setting of the weapon, maybe the faction using it, maybe everything. This not only is interesting to me personally, but it also helps me design the weapon more accurately to what you want. For an example, if you tell me it's used by the USSR, I won't make you an M4 (unless requested otherwise). This won't affect cost unless you include something that belongs in the Detail category.


Payment will be half up front, half when I'm done. Only through Paypal in USD.

To make it clear now, I will post the finished image onto my Deviantart gallery. You can choose whether you want it watermarked or not. Also, you will get a watermarked image until I get the second half of the payment. This isn't personal, I just don't want to be scammed out of my work.


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